Our Processes

Refined over years of strata experience, we utilise customised building management processes and procedures for all tasks with a company benchmark and flexibility to allow for the individuality of each asset. These processes are based on a quality management system, maintaining controls and audits at regular frequencies to identify any possible drops in service levels and operating systems. Site processes are backed by Company processes, overseen by our head office.

Our Technology

Relevant and practical technological resources help us to manage your site and provide you with documented tracking of your asset including asset details, defects, maintenance frequencies, contracts, issue reports, correspondences and financial information without complex software or company specific restraints. We are also familiar with most industry software and incorporate these into our agreements where there is a client need. Our staff are technically savvy and can operate Building technologies such as Building Management Systems, Energy monitoring systems and emergency panels confidently.

Support Providers

Our experience in the building management industry has allowed us to grow a large base of reliable and committed support providers such as building maintenance contractors, consultants and Strata Managers. We also respect our clients' right to choose their service providers and utilise existing providers on sites where it is logical to do so and always in consultation with the Committee involved. Working in harmony with various support providers gets the best possible productive results for your site with no fuss.


Please find the list of available resources for download below.

Environment Policy (PDF) Company Profile (PDF)


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